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From: Tom Rymes <>
Subject: Re: Changing HTTPU Listeners
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 16:41:40 -0500
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
On 11/23/2010 11:34 AM, Nicolas Hatier wrote:
On 2010-11-23 11:19, Tom Rymes wrote:

I am running a WIndows Server 2008 machine that hosts our web server and CGP. This means that the HTTPU listener cannot be moved to port 80, as it's already taken. However, I want to use AirSync, and I need to have https/http access to CGP on the standard ports.

To this end, I have configured a second NIC and made sure that none of the sites in IIS are bound to that IP Address. I then modified the Listener settings for HTTPU and added entries for ports 80 and 443 that are only bound to the second NIC. I left the existing 8100 and 9100 entries bound to both NICS.

I think this ought to work, but I am unable to connect to the new entries. I'm guessing that IIS is answering the requests, but giving a 404 because no site is configured to that address and port.
If you get a 404, it's probably from IIS. IIS has the bad habit of binding to all available IPs, whether or not they are used in its configuration.

You will need to explicitely set the IPs IIS binds to with HttpCfg.exe

httpcfg set iplisten -i a.b.c.d

Or search for something like "Prevent IIS from Binding to all IP Addresses" on your favorite search engine.


Thanks for the pointer in the right direction, Nicolas. This article was the one that I needed to find:

All is working as I want now (though the darned cert doesn't match anymore, but...)

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