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From: Brian Gibson <>
Subject: Re: WebMail Performance Problems OSX PPC
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2010 11:56:18 -0500
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Hi Nicolas,

We turned this option off with the intent of potentially turning it back on in the future, one user at a time. I was also weary about keeping it enabled for now since I read in some of the Thunderbird forums that people were having trouble with this option where it never stopped synchronizing.

On 11/9/2010 11:51 AM, Nicolas Hatier wrote:

On 2010-11-09 11:47, Brian Gibson wrote:
We have users with huge numbers of messages (25,000 +) in their Inbox and it is slow for them opening up but it is never a problem like what you describe. Maybe you are running into the same issue I am having over the past week, do you have any Thunderbird IMAP users? The upgrade they pushed out recently enabled these 2 options which have been kicking our servers behind just like you mentioned (which in turn affects Webmail performance).

"Tools" -> "Options" -> "Advanced" -> "General" -> "Enable Global Search and Indexer"

"Tools" -> "Account Settings..." -> "Synchronization & Storage" -> "Message Synchronization"
This one SHOULD remain enabled. Disabling it removes the client cache completely, which increases the load on the server.


We turned these off and had people restart Thunderbird and the load has gone done exponentially.

On 11/9/2010 11:28 AM, Lyn wrote:
Thanks for the info. This is all new territory... our CGP server has always been very fast and reliable.

I found the TextMailbox Manger settings and changed to Concurrently used large buffers: 20 (was 10) and Index Mailboxes larger than: 1Mbyte (I'm wondering if I need to restart CGP for these setting to work?)

New accounts are configured to use .mdir. However, I do see a number of older account users with INBOX.mbox and related .bdx (I'm assuming index) files.

The default Domain settings for account storage are: FLAT Folding Method, Rename In Place NO, and Generate Index: YES

Maximum account size per mailbox is set to 750M. Very few approach this amount, but there are always some. I'm guessing that the average WebMail user has at least 1,000 messages per account, many of which are Inbox messages. We've been trying to get users to create folders, etc. in order to move items out of the Inbox. Is it possible that a few users with impossibly huge Inboxes (thousands of messages) could be dragging the entire server down?

On Nov 9, 2010, at 9:22 AM, Brian Gibson wrote:

If you use Text formatted mailboxes (a.k.a. mbox) then I'd check out these settings...

Settings/General/Other/Index Mailboxes larger than  (we have ours set to 1000k but we started out with 3000K)
Settings/General/Other/Concurrently used large buffers: (we have our set to 20)

On 11/9/2010 9:16 AM, Lyn wrote:
We are starting to have serious poor performance problems reported by WebMail users. IMAP and POP connections seem fine. Anyone else out there with a similar/successful configuration who would be willing to offer a tip or two?

CGP 5.0.14
G5 (PPC) MacPro 4.5 GB RAM
OS X: 10.5.8

CGP Settings:
POP clients: 250 Channels
IMAP Clients: 500 Channels
HTTP User Clients: 250 Channels

I've also configured the file with the following:
ulimit -d 1048576
ulimit -c 16384

Peak Hours Open Channels:
POP: 180
IMAP: 200
Web User Sessions: 250

The server's internet connection is not restricted by the ISP. By crude observation, CGP appears to be able to send around 380 - 430 KB/s out. The disk housing CGP's BaseDirectory seems too busy - during peak times, it appears to be constantly performing read operations.

I understand the implications of a WebMail user attempting to open a mailbox with thousands of Inbox items. But, I'm monitoring a mail account with a total of 300 messages, 53 of which are Inbox items that can take at least 45 seconds to open at times.



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