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Subject: Re: iPad skin
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 21:20:10 -0400
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On 2010-10-27 20:51, Shaun Gamble wrote:
Okay, some results for me logging on using the iPad (in portrait mode). I've done this test a while ago using my iTouch.

CGP 5.3.10 Below is a bare list of skins included. I used to have a lot of Waasp based skins (by David Bakker). But they were so all out of date I removed them long ago.

Basic                  Everything works
Aquinox            Everything works, the layout looks good, very confusing with the icons until you "zoom" in.
Classic               Looks so garrish I didn't bother testing it.
GoldenFleece   Looks okay, hard to use and can't zoom easily. Otherwise seems to work fine.
Overview          Looks fine, works well as long as you can work out what the icons mean.
Pronto              No, flash, doesn't work. We all expected this though.
Simplex            Surprisingly, the initial screen does not fit into the screen and you have to keep scrolling the screen (horizontally). And then I tried replying... The screen started changing width (could hardly read anything) and the iPad seemed to almost freeze. I wouldn't touch this skin again with an iPad. The browser and iPad were fine, the Reply button just did not want to work. After 3 minutes of Reply not working, I simply killed it. I then had to clear everything from Safari (cache, cookies, etc) before Safari would start working properly again.

I then logged onto Niversoft's demo site.

Lookout3            Not compatible with my browser
Spid                     When this loaded, my immediate thoughts were it looked good and was easy to read, however the shortcuts on the left hand side were too close together.
Thanks for this complete analysis, very interesting.
In most skins, I had to zoom in to work out what the icons looked like and what they meant. An iPad skin would need to have bigger icons if there is no text. Using standard skins, I'd probably go with Aquinox for the iPad, with a few difficulties (you need to zoom quite a bit). Bigger icons would certainly make this skin a lot easier to use.

Spid is a lot more user friendly. However it can be a little frustrating with the LHS shortcuts. I would certainly look at using Spid before a standard skin if I were to use skins on my iPad.
Any idea how we could fix this issue? I don't have an iPad here to test, and the ROI on the purchase of an iPad for testing purpose is not yet guaranteed, so testing is a bit complex.

My recommendation is to setup iPad's Mail with IMAP and use it instead. I use email from my iPad quite regularly, I couldn't imagine using webmail over the included email app, yet. If you need webmail, get in touch with Niversoft and see if they are going to release an iPad version of Lookout. Otherwise, use Spid or Aquinox.
LookOut currently requires HTML composing (designMode/contentEditable attributes), which is not implemented by Safari mobile. The whole compose page and spell checker are built around that model, so going back to a plain textarea is not very likely to happen, especially as we are currently in the dark concerning iPad testing.

Making Spid better is probably easier and more likely to happen if we get an interested tester or a device to test on.

Nicolas Hatier

On 28/10/2010 9:05 AM, Paul_Dudley wrote:
Testing replies in webmail on my iPhone which also uses the Safari mobile browser produced the following results:

LookOut version 2 - I could reply in plain text but not HTML (no response once I ticked the HTML option)
Simplex - I could reply
Viewpoint - I could reply
Basic - I could reply

I would assume that the browser on the iPad would be similar if not the same as the iPhone.

Thanks&  Regards

Paul Dudley
Senior IT Systems Administrator
ANL Container Line Pty Limited

Subject: Re: iPad skin

To be honest, Mail (IMAP) on my iPad is working so well (in conjunction
with MAPI&  Outlook on my PC) I haven't even bothered to look at using

I'll do some testing today (if I get time and get back to you).

On 28/10/2010 5:57 AM, James Gardiner wrote:

Any views on the best webmail skin via an apple iPad?

Unfortunately the flash based pronto is a no go.





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