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Subject: Re: Comparing LookOut to standard skins
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 21:45:32 -0400
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On 2010-10-26 19:09, Paul_Dudley wrote:

I have been asked to compare LookOut to the standard skins that are supplied with CommuniGate Pro. Looking at the skins available with the 5.2 and 5.3 version range of CommuniGate Pro I find that there are some features which are available in LookOut that I cannot find in the normal webmail skins. These are:


The three pane view while in a mail folder

To be fair with other skins, the GoldenFleece one has a three-pane layout. But I'm not sure it is really usable (doesn't seem to work well in anything but IE6, and even there...). I think initially GoldenFleece has been inspired by LookOut 1.x, as there is at least a very short code snipplet that was apparently copied from it... :-)

Going straight into the Inbox instead of that day’s “summary” when you initially login

ViewPoint, XChange and Simplex can be configured to skip the summary.

The ability to add and remove subscriptions to folders from other accounts

This is a base function of all webskins, including the stock one.

The addressing auto-complete feature

This is a LookOut-only feature


Are these not available in any of the normal skins or can some setting be changed in the configuration file on the server to provide any of these features?

Apart of disabling the summary, I don't think so. There is several settings (around 40) available for the Simplex-based skins (ViewPoint, XChange), but they are pretty much all enabled by default, you can only disabled or hide features with them.

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