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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:01:47 +1000
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I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. I have been advised by many people to stay away from Outlook 2010 64 bit as it breaks too many connectors (such as CGP MAPI). I'm currently using Outlook 2010 32bit.

I was running OL 2007 with MAPI. I upgrade OL to 2010 and everything (almost) stayed as is and it was extremely painless. EMail is still working through MAPI as it once was.

However, there are no menus and no ability to do anything MAPI related from the menu within Outlook.

I am running 5.3.9 on Windows 2k3. I was going to upgrade to 5.3.10 but am hesitant now with the server side DLL issue.

If the lack of menus does not bother you and you simply just want Outlook 2010 to work with email, contacts and calendar on the server, then it works. If you want to give access to others and use MAPI properly, then either get ready to use Webmail as well or stick with 2007.

I must also say, our numbers of staff using MAPI is dwindling rapidly. People are sick and tired with how slow it is. We were moving people onto MAPI and AstraSync (with BlackBerries). So there is no way I will upgrade anyone other than myself to Outlook 2010 and MAPI before I have tested it thoroughly. As I can no longer buy Outlook 2007, this is becoming a problem.

On 27/10/2010 8:06 AM, Ron Sarver wrote:
1st) We're 5.3.9
2nd) Don and I talked about this today. He's been using OL 2010 since July. If there was an issue, he would have told us.
3rd) I just got 5.3.10 downloaded. I'm contemplating the update today.


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I have been using Outlook 2010 for quite some time now with CGP 5.3.4 (I will be upgrading shortly). It does work but has quite a few bugs associated with it--missing menus, email folders that will re-arrange themselves seemingly at will, crashes, etc. You will have to use the admin interface or pronto to configure the missing options. I don't recommend anyone use it with CGP until these issues have been addressed unless you like to have your phone ring... I have inquired about support for it since I installed it and not until recently have we gotten an answer--it will be supported (fully?) when CGP 5.4 comes out, supposedly towards the end of the year.

Tracy Fread
Network Administrator

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does anyone use Outlook 2010 here? Since I have upgraded our CommuniGate Pro Server to the new release 5.3.10 with the new MAPI server Outlook 2010 seems to be more supported that before.

Some features seem to be missing or maybe I'm just too blind to find them?

Is it not possible to configure access right for mailboxes and calendars via Outlook 2010? In Outlook 2007 there was a tab "permissions" if I open the folder properties via a right-mouse-click on the folder.

I was also not able to find the point where I can configure filter rules, mail forwarding and vacation. In Outlook 2007 it was under

Advanced (Extras)
-> CommuniGate Pro Server

Does this menu entry not exist in Outlook 2010 or did the CommuniGate guys hide it too good that I am not able to find it?

Kind regards,

Oliver Koch


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