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From: Nicolas Hatier <>
Subject: Re: convert_mailboxes script
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 11:40:51 -0400
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Normally, the script changes the account size to unlimited during the conversion. This error shouldn't happen during mbox->mdir conversion, but can happen during mdir->mbox conversion as the mbox files have a fixed 2gb limit.

Maybe there's something else limiting the size of the mailbox or the messages, it's hard to tell from here.

Nicolas Hatier

On 2010-09-09 11:18, Robert M. Opalko wrote:
Hello again, when I run the convert_mailboxes (to mdir) script for an account, the script stops and produces the following error:

COMMAND: COPY 1:6220 ""
ANSWER: x NO message size exceeds the limit
stoppped at line 210, <GEN0> line 133.

Anything I can do to correct this?

Robert Opalko
City of Oxford

On 2010-09-08 5:30 PM, Nicolas Hatier wrote:

There is two different free scripts available on meant to convert mbox into mdir.

The first one - - is
meant to convert all the mailboxes of one account on a live server. It's
quite slow, and a bit risky as it will likely fail if someone access the
account while it's working. Better do a backup of the account first and
follow the instructions on screen carefully.

Basically, this script changes the account default mailbox type to the
new format, then connects trough IMAP, and for each mailbox it creates a
new one of the new type, moves all the messages, then deletes the old one.

The second one - -
is meant to convert a single mailbox independently of the server. It's
recommended to run in when the server is stopped, but it's possible to
run it on a live server too without harm, except for the INBOX.

This second script reads the mbox file directly and create mdir files on
the fly. It doesn't delete the mbox file afterwards.

We have another series of scripts here to perform, with supervision, a
controlled conversion of all the relevant mailboxes of all accounts on a
server. We successfully converted several servers from mbox to mdir, and
back, on a live system. We only needed to quickly shut down and restart
the CGP server a few times during the session to ensure critical data
was uncached. If this kind of service may interest you, please contact
me offlist.

Nicolas Hatier

On 2010-09-08 18:16, Wiley Sanders wrote:
Hello all,

This is a problem that we have been having for a long time with both
Communigate 4.X and the current 5.3 version. About twice per month,
one of my 10,000 users loses all messages in their INBOX. All messages
are alleged to disappear.

The problem is made more difficult because the users are usually my
most clueless, and they usually cannot describe when the problem
occurred or what actions they were taking when it happened. In many
cases it happens overnight. At first I was convinced it was just
clueless users, but I think at least some of them are victims of some
kind of bug or another and not just accidentally selecting messages
for deletion. In only a very few cases do I actually find "lost" email
in their trash.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are all legacy
users with MBOX-format mailboxes (all new users have been MDIR for
several years.) They are almost certainly not using multiple clients
on the same INBOX. The INBOX.mbox file is truncated to zero length,
and new mail begins showing up right away in it. In come cases the
INBOX.bdx file disappears. Most victims seem to be using the Webmail
interface, in fact I have not been able to confirm that any are using
Thunderbird or an IMAP client. Of course it is a PITA to restore an
MBOX file since it has to be restored in its entirety and usually
cannot just be prepended to the existing INBOX.mbox file.

Both the old and new versions of CGPro were running on Linux, the
current on a brand-new up to date RHEL 5.X server, the older on SuSe
Enterprise 9.

My question is: Is there a setting in CGPro, the Linux OS, or EXT3 I
can make to do more aggressive file caching, and perhaps more atomic
file locking?

Alternatively, is there a tool I can use to migrate a user from MBOX
to MDIR format? This problem doesn't seem to happen with MDIR format

-W Sanders
 St Marys College of California


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