Mailing List Message #100538
From: christine kuhlmey <>
Subject: Problem with iPhone4G Contacts
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 15:39:27 +0200
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>


there's an iPhone 4G (software version 4.0.2) and it tries to
synchronize 640 Contact entries from CommunigatPro (5.3.8) to his iPhone
4G Contacts list via 3G connection. There's an exchange account created
on the iPhone for synchronizing the contacts.

But this does not work, because it always restarts from the beginning,
after 10-40 entries.
In the logfile I find the following:

15:17:28.090 2 AIRSYNC-097247(user/Appl88888M47A4T) 'Contacts': 5 new
sent. 0 deleted, 0 updated reported
15:17:30.714 2 AIRSYNC-097249(user/Appl88888M47A4T) 'Contacts': 5 new
sent. 0 deleted, 0 updated reported
15:17:34.832 1 AIRSYNC-097252(user/Appl88888M47A4T) 'Contacts' sync data
reading failed. Error Code=unknown mailbox sync ID
15:17:37.444 2 AIRSYNC-097257(user/Appl88888M47A4T) 'Contacts' sync reset

Has anyone any idea? Can anyone encounter the same problem?
Thanks in advance


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