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From the CGPro Manual:

If some of your users travel a lot, they may use various ISPs to connect to the Internet, and as a result they will connect to your Server from various IP addresses. If those users use your Server as the SMTP mail relay to which they submit all outgoing messages, Relay Restrictions will not allow them to send messages when their IP addresses are not in the Client IP Addresses list.

You should not select the "prohibit" for the Logins from Non-Client IP Addresses setting, if you want to support mobile users.
Select the Allow option instead.

The SMTP AUTH method

Most E-mail clients support "SMTP AUTH" - the standard SMTP Authentication method that allows a mailer to authenticate the user (the sender). If the SMTP module receives a message from an authenticated user, the message is marked as being "submitted from a local Account", and this message can be relayed to the Internet.

You want to allow SMTP Auth before kicking the connection because of listing on an RBL.  By not using the prohibit option for logins from non-client IP addresses, you allow them the opportunity to authenicate and capture the TO and FROM fields before denying them access to your system.


Jeremy Bascom wrote:
I was looking at's info on the zen server and saw this warning:

Because ZEN includes the XBL and PBL lists, do not use ZEN on smarthosts or SMTP AUTH outbound servers for your own customers (or you risk blocking your own customers). Do not use ZEN in filters that do any ‘deep parsing’ of Received headers, or for anything other than checking IP addresses that hand off to your mailservers.

Does checking the " Use Blacklisting DNS Servers (RBLs)" box in CGP apply to the SMTP AUTH connections?  Or is it only SMTP incoming from other mail servers?
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On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Elliot Wilen wrote:
Here are the RBLs that I use:

I used to use a number of others, but they generated more false positives than I wanted to deal with. So, since our primary mail server (not CGate) uses SpamAssassin, I moved those RBLs into scoring rules within SA.

On Jun 25, 2010, at 6:39 AM, John Zigrang wrote:

I am looking for recommendations for RBL links to include in CGP.
I am using now, but it seems slow in picking up new spam
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