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From: Jim Steil <>
Subject: Re: Sync Calendar/Contacts with Android phone
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2010 09:54:24 -0500
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
Ok, I've got my configuration working now.  I didn't have a listener on port 443.  Once I started that, I was able to configure it using SSL.

So, I now have my email working.  I'm trying to verify that my contacts are syncing automatically.  My initial sync seems to have worked, but now I've added a contact in Pronto! but don't see it on my device.  It has been about an hour since I added it in Pronto!. 

Also, I don't see any options to sync my Calendar and am not seeing any of my events showing up on the Android.  Is there some other configuration I'm missing?

Thanks for your help thus far, I really appreciate it.


On 7/8/2010 8:38 AM, Mikael Nordstrom wrote:
Hi Jim,

I'm syncing over SSL so the traffic is arriving to the server on port 443 (HTTPS).
Depending on you server OS, you could use some traffic analyzer, such as tcpdump
or wireshark to see if the traffic arrives as it should.

Also make sure that you have an HTTPU listener on port 443.

You could try to surf to the CGPro server with the device and if it works then you should
have connectivity.

My username in the device is the same as the account name in CGPro with a prepended
backslash (\).

I haven't been able to find a log or any other way to debug the connection on the device.

Hope this helps,

Mikael Nordström
System Administrator - Synapse Mobile Networks

On 7/8/10 14:50, Jim Steil wrote:
That's what I tried, but wasn't successful.  What did you put in the username?  Did you prefix it with a domain?  What about your server?  Did you specify the port number?

I have my mail syncing using IMAP with no problem.  I'm using the same settings there as I'm trying here, but with no luck.

Is there a way on the device to see what problems you're having with the connection?  I'm just getting a message saying  - Setup could not finish - Unable to open connection to server.

AirSync is enabled.

Any thoughts?


On 7/8/2010 1:40 AM, Mikael Nordstrom wrote:
Here is how I did it on my Nexus One.

Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> Add account
Select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"
Enter  Email address, password and select Next.
Change username if needed.
Change the Server if needed.
Select if you want to use secure connection (SSL) and select Next
Adjust the Account options to your liking and select Next.
Name the account

Also make sure that AirSync is enabled as a service for the user in CommuniGate.


On 7/8/10 2:32, QLF wrote:
How do you configure calendar and contact sync?


Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Android phone

"Support@ish" <> wrote:

yeah, works great. HTC Desire.

On 8/07/10 4:18 AM, Jim Steil wrote:

Is anyone out there syncing calendars and contacts from CGP with an
Android-based phone?


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Mikael Nordström
Jim Steil
VP of Information Technology
Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc.
608.935.2345 office
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Jim Steil
VP of Information Technology
Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc.
608.935.2345 office
608.341.9896 cell
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