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From: christine kuhlmey <>
Subject: Re: Migration question MS Exchange to CGP
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 17:45:20 +0200
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
Am 16.06.2010 19:16, schrieb Technical Support:

On 2010-06-16 12:59, christine kuhlmey wrote:

Hello to the list,

we tried to migrate from an MS Exchange 2007/2010 (user data reside on
2007 server and the 2010 server provides the new 2010-features to the
users -- there's no global address book specified) to Communigate 5.3.7 .
We've followed the hints at
(using migration utility and pwdump3).

The user's accounts are being created at the CGP side and the passwords
are set correctly, but no user data (their folders) was transmitted. Is
this the correct behavior or should the folder data be transmitted too?

Did you enable the "Copy Mailboxes" option during migration?
Do you still have the log file created by the migration utility (%TEMP%\ex2cgp.log)? If so, please send that to

Thank you very much for your reply. It took me to try again. At the microsoft technotes I found a hint, that  access to all users' mailboxes has to be granted explicitely by setting "ExtendedRights" to "Receive-As" .
AND we had to define the MS Exch.2007 server(NOT the 2010 server) in the profile we used fo ex2cgp.

Then it was good to have the --ignore-errors option because some of the calendar-entries made problems and then ex2cgp.exe stopped working (looked like it only concerned recurring events):

"Unable to convert or upload message contents [0x80070005].

        Subject: Birthday P

        Delivered: 09.07.2009 07:33:15

 Saving problematic message as C:\Profile\INSTAL~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\ex2cgp0.msg ...

Message saved. You may need to contact Technical Support for assistance."

Otherwise the tool worked very quickly and even calendars more than 2600 entries big were transmitted correctly with only some of the errors mentioned above.

Some of the migrated users have problems logging in and I see this error in the CommunigatePro Logfile (tried http and https):
"15:37:50.477 4 ACCOUNT(postmaster) updating info-file
15:37:50.486 4 ACCOUNT(postmaster) placed in cache
15:38:03.281 4 ACCOUNT(user@msxmig.domain) taken from cache
15:38:03.281 1 ACCOUNT(ck1@msxmig.domain) login(XIMSS) from []:1435 failed. Error Code=your encoded password cannot be used for secure logins
15:38:03.281 4 ACCOUNT(ck1@msxmig.domain) updating info-file
15:38:03.352 4 ACCOUNT(ck1@msxmig.domain) placed in cache"

If there is a solution especially for the last problem it would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Christine Kuhlmey

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