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Subject: Re: voip codecs for incomming calls - Case[IAJG0521-373ZM]
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 03:44:52 +0400
To: Chris V. <>
 Chris V. on 21.05.2010 1:50 wrote:

I have a question about how i can get around a cgp limitation or only handling 711 codec for the auto-attendant.

You can install IPP-enabled version (currently Linux only) which supports more codecs. But it will require additional license keys and royalties paid to patent holders.

If a call comes through from an iLBC or 722 only devices,

Do you know such devices?

> cgp will not
be able to handle it. If I encode the auto-attendant in letís say in 722, will CGP play it correctly? How about encoding the auto-attendant tin iLBC?

You can't encode it, sound files in PBXApp directory must be in format described here <>


Chris V.


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