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The easiest way might be to leave an account on the CGP server for the accounts migrated to google. Then set those accounts to forward all mail to Google.
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Hello Folks,


We are in the process of provisioning some of the accounts on our mail server out to google apps educational services, using the same domain name.  So far we have changed all our mx records to the ones provided by google, so all mail is delivered by google servers for the domain.


We have google services configured along with dual delivery so email drops in the gmail account, or the communigate account depending on where the account exists.  An email will be delivered to both inboxes if one exists on both servers.


The problem I am having is for email that is generated locally on the communigate system, and is destined for a local communigate account.  The email delivers locally and MX records don’t come into play, resulting in the gmail account (if it exists) being out of sync and not receiving the email.


My question is....  Is there any way to rout all email out from the commungate server regardless of its destination.  So basically I want an email sent by to to  leave and be delivered back by a google server.


Is this possible?


Thanks in advance..




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