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OK, I know that this is a troll, but...
Bob: it's obvious that  you haven't used an iPad for any significant length of time. Anyone who has would never compare it to a netbook. The iPad is simply a complete joy to use, while a netbook is constantly frustrating due to the tiny screen than means oodles of scrolling using an awkwardly placed mouse with even worse buttons. The two devices are also completely different animals, aimed at different markets and different needs. Most people buy a netbook as a super cheap laptop and accept the small screen/keyboard and reduced performance (compared to a full-size laptop) as the trade-off for a dirt-cheap price, while others want an ultraportable laptop. iPad buyers, on the other hand want a device that will complement their regular laptop/desktop, not one that will replace it or do everything it does. Can the netbook do more? Sure. Is the iPad about maximum capability and being an all-purpose tool? No.
Oh well, no more FTT for me.
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Dont even get an old mac user started. 
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