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And that '' hosting is now blacklisted in my books! What a lame, geeky statement!


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On 03/05/2010, at 22.45, Karl wrote:

Such a ridiculous post.  Dell Mini?  Get a grip.  That’s like Michael Dell telling Apple to close itself down and return the money to shareholders.  Dell is barely even the tip on Steve’s dining expenses these days.

The iPad is not aimed at a PC user...its aimed at people who either don’t use computers now or who want to move beyond the maintenance issues that a PC or Mac can raise.  Or at people who use multiple devices to plug certain gaps in their computing lives.  I am still getting used to my iPads and waiting for some of the app vendors to catch up but it already creates new computing behaviour for me.

Back on the topic, Apple threw down the gauntlet to Adobe in 2007: they could not ship a version of the iPhone which incorporated Flash back then since the battery life dropped from 10 hours to 1.5 hours.  Today, in 2010, that has improved to the point where the iPhone could probably eek out 5 hours running some Flash content.  Had Adobe stepped up to the plate and produced something that could (back then) have massively out-performed Safari’s JS engine and delivered an experience that went beyond what was available on the iPhone, they could have won.  The fact is, today, there is not one single smartphone that runs a modernish version of Flash.  Not one!  Flash on my Nokia N9x phones?  Never used it.  Completely useless.  On my Android phones?  Either non-existent or equally useless.  I surf the web and everything just seems to work nicely on my iPhone and iPad.

When you are developing a device where each and every 0.1% battery life is critical to your design decisions, eliminating Flash is absolutely a complete no-brainer.  It was the right decision in 2007 and remains so today.

Adobe had their chance and they blew it, as they have so many times before.  They could have modernized and opened Flash years ago but they chose not to.

There are a lot of very talented people working at Adobe.  Their opportunity now is to do what they can do best: go back to being a creative tools vendor and start creating the best tools for originating HTML5.  We don’t care if those same tools emit Flash craplets (just so that people using legacy devices can use exactly the same creative content) as a by-product as long as we are not forced to use them.  Hey: what better way to boost the stock?  A turf war with Apple over this is a zero-sum game.


On 2010-05-03, at 11:26 PM, Robert F. Donahue ( wrote:

Dont even get an old mac user started.

        As a host I dont care if iphones ipads ever hook up to me, they will never be big enough to pay my bills....
and so for the last 25 years they have only had less then 10% of the computer users they will only ever be 10% of my income, I can only guess they are also less then 10% users of CGP server side.... Apple is a dead horse and needs to be beat into the ground :)

Get a netbook or a DELL MINI they are cheaper and you can do more with them! (USB and FLASH to name a few)

        And if you like their Unix OS there are cheaper ways of doing it, like just run Linux! I could never understand why people would want to run OSX on a 1.8gh when they could run Linux on a 3.0+ghz for 1/4 of the price, The brand new Mini on their site is only a 2.6 intel we all had that on our laptops 5 years ago! Bahahaha apple has always had old hardware (always last years intel chips or worse) for 4X the cost and they are selling it to you as new? they got the nuts to call their latest box the Beast hehehe nice looking box though.
        I bet Intel and Nvidia LOVE THEM its someone to sell their old garbage to...

        I have been a Mac user since the 128k back in 1984 to this day, I am on one right now, I can tell you its my last Apple product as they stopped listening to their users decades ago. and lost sight of the real world...
        I dont believe there is much they can do at this point to ever get my trust back, and to many users have jumped ship. I have reduced this Mac to just two tasks, photoshop and Quarkexpress and when I can afford P/S and Q/E I am setting this POS at the curb :)

Me Bob

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