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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.1.7
Bug Fix Release

The CommuniGate Pro 5.1.7 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued between 01-Oct-2004 and 31-Oct-2004, or
                        on or after the 1st of Oct, 2005 ==

Solaris - Sparc

Solaris - Intel

MS Windows - Intel

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux (static and dynamic) - Intel

Linux - x86_64

Linux - Itanium

FreeBSD 4.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x - Intel

FreeBSD 6.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x/6.x - x86_64

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

HPUX - Itanium


NetBSD - Intel


5.1.7 24-Feb-2007

* Client: the Media Plugin 1.0.1 is released.
* MAPI: the MAPI Connector version 1.2.7 is included: GAL support,
  Outlook 2007 support.
* Pronto: the Pronto Interface version 0.8.7 is included.
* WebUser: if the ReplyHeader Preference is an empty string, the original
  message text is not added to reply messages.
* WebUser: when a message with an empty body is being stored as a Draft, the * message body part is not omitted, so the Edit Draft operation does not try * to edit the first attachment.
* UserSessions: the session timeout management has changed to avoid problems
  with XIMSS sessions.
* TLS: now the certificate subjectAltName elements can be used for
  Certificate-base authentication.
* HTTPO: if the returned data is a text in a non-UTF8 charset, the returned
  data is converted into UTF-8.
* SIP: incorrectly formed Refer-To fields (Mediatrix) are accepted now.
* SMTP: an option to start Parallel Channels for the specified queue size
  is implemented.
* XIMSS: the mailboxClass parameter is added to the mailboxList command.
* XIMSS: the recoverPassword, spellerList, spellerCheck commands are
* SIGNAL: supplementary 200-INVITE responses are upstreamed now.
* CallLeg: PRACK processing changed to avoid cross-wiring with 200-INVITE
  in B2BUA applications.
* CallLeg: dialogs started with supplementary 2xx-INVITE responses are
  gracefully terminated now.
* CallLeg: 2xx-INVITE responses without SDP are supported now.
* PBX: now re-INVITEs sent after BridgeBreak contain an offer with all
  server-supported codecs.
* WebUser: calendaring page processors are completely converted to process
  data in local-time terms.
* SDP: now symbolic names are accepted in the "o" lines.
* RADIUS: now more error conditions result in negative responses instead
  of request dropping.
* Kernel: the DIGEST/NTLM parameter parser modified to accept more
  white-space separators.
* Kernel: now case-insensitive "wildcard" search operations support
  non-latin symbols, too.
* Bug Fix: DNR: 5.1c1: NAPTR processing used "POSIX Basic" Regular
  Expressions instead of "POSIX Extended" ones.
* Bug Fix: WebAdmin: 5.0.3: opening the Alerts page for an inexistant
  account could crash the server.
* Bug Fix: Mailbox: 5.1.6: file names for mdir-type mailboxes messages with
  new message flags were calculated incorrectly.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.1c3: UDP response packets relayed via Cluster members
  were not directed to the Via: addresses.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: 5.1.6: search filters in Directory Address books worked
* Bug Fix: Queue: 5.1.2: generating a log record for a certain error
  condition could crash the server.
* Bug Fix: WebSkins: 5.1c.3: the HTML editor in Simplex-based Skins could
  be made execute arbitrary script code.
* Bug Fix: CallLeg: 5.1c2: when a session was interrupted because of
  refresh issues, a BYE request was not sent.
* Bug Fix: CallLeg: 5.1c3: the NOTIFY requests generated for REFER
  contacted the Subscription-State header in the final requests only.
* Bug Fix: CG/PL: 5.1c1: incorrect "openMailbox" call parameters could crash
  the server.
* Bug Fix: XIMSS: 5.1.5: <folderMessage> "e-field" sub-elements were
* Bug Fix: WebAdmin: 5.1c6: the "other" options did not exist on the Trigger
  Events page.
* Bug Fix: LIST: 5.1.2: the "listserver"-generated reports were discarded
  without delivery.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: 5.1c2: the Enable Vacation button did not clear
  the "replied" list.
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