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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.1.3
Bug Fix Release

The CommuniGate Pro 5.1.3 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued between 01-Oct-2004 and 31-Oct-2004, or
                        on or after the 1st of Oct, 2005 ==

Solaris - Sparc

Solaris - Intel

MS Windows - Intel

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux (static and dynamic) - Intel

Linux - x86_64

Linux - Itanium

Linux - Sparc

Linux - S/390

Linux - StrongARM

FreeBSD 4.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x/6.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x/6.x - x86_64

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel


HPUX - Itanium


OS/2 - Intel

OpenVMS - Alpha

QNX - Intel

Tru64 - Alpha


5.1.3 25-Nov-06
* SMTP: if a receving party breaks a connection after receiving some
  messages, a new connection is opened immediately.
* XIMSS: synchronous data messages now include the same "id" attribute
  as the request messages.
* XIMSS: the cliExecute command is implemented.
* XIMSS: stream encryption is implemented.
* MEDIA: partial External Transcoder support is implemented.
* MAPI: the version 1.2.5 of the MAPI Connector is included.
* TLS: connections from TLS 1.1 (and higher) clients are accepted now.
* ENQUEUER: log format has been changed.
* LDAP: Attribute ";binary" option is processed now.
* DIRECTORY: Remote Units now understand the ";binary" option in returned
* STATISTICS: MIB ObjectIDs for SMTP and SIP elements have been changed.
* CG/PL: the READTELNUMS function is implemented.
* EVENT: the SUSBCRIBE requests with the same CallID and From-tag clean
  the existing matching subscriptions.
* Presence: RFC4480 (extended PIDF) is supported now.
* CallLeg: the Allow/Supported fields are included into 200-INVITE
* Bug Fix: XIMSS: 5.1c5: signalBind media address was not remembered.
  An unnecessary media proxy could be created.
* Bug Fix: CLI: 4.3c3: the FindWebUserSession command could delay the
  WebUser Session timeouter.
* Bug Fix: Presence: 5.1c4: "dead" MS RTC presence clients could cause
  problems for other MS RTC clients registered with the same Account.
* Bug Fix: XMPP: 5.1c2: Roster element 'subscription=' values could be
  reported incorrectly.
* Bug Fix: WSSP: 5.0c2: when HTMLSUBSTMAILBOX function was used with
  non-UTF8 pages, mailbox name charset could be converted twice.
* Bug Fix: SMTP: 5.1c3: ATRN retrieval did not work.
* Bug Fix: ROUTER: 5.0c3: All-Local Routing Records could leave the
  secondary domain name intact, causing Router loops.
* Bug Fix: PBX: 5.1c4: race conditions on task launch could crash the server.
* Bug Fix: RPOP: 5.1c3: modifying host/account names in WebAdmin could
  reset the RPOP password data.
* Bug Fix: XIMSS: 5.1c4: the signalCode attribute in asynchronous call*
  messages was misformed.
* Bug Fix: WebAdmin: 5.1c2: the SMTP 'Hold' and 'Send Encrypted' domain
  lists could not be cleared.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: 5.1c6: displaying attachments with certain names could
  crash the server.
* Bug Fix: Trigger: 5.1c4: the SendIM action sent IMs with an incorrect
  "From" address.
* Bug Fix: Foundation: 5.1.2: DNS Resolver did not work on some IPv6 systems.
* Bug Fix: SIP: 5.1c4: If a From/To/Contact field did not contain '<', '>',
  parameters were processed as URI parameters rather than field parameters.
* Bug Fix: PBX: 5.1c2: provisionCall(true,true) did not wake up after
  receiving PRACK.
* Bug Fix: MAPI: 5.1c1: the SETACCOUNTRULES operation could filter our the
  mail rules the user was allowed to created.
* Bug Fix: Listener: 5.1c2: the Initial TLS setting could not be reset
  without re-creating the socket.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.1c3: WebAdmin requests were passed to backends with
  modified Host field causing HTTP-redirect failures.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.1c4: certain WebAdmin pages did not use Cluster-wide
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 4.0: recovery after detecting an over-the-limit
  inter-cluster message caused protocol synching problems.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.1c1: TELNUMs did not work in a Dynamic Cluster.

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