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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.1.0
Major Release (switching to the Stable branch)

The CommuniGate Pro 5.1 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued between 01-Oct-2004 and 31-Oct-2004, or
                        on or after the 1st of Oct, 2005 ==

Solaris - Sparc

Solaris - Intel

MS Windows - Intel

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux (static and dynamic) - Intel

Linux - x86_64

Linux - Itanium

FreeBSD 4.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x/6.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x/6.x - x86_64

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

NetBSD - Intel

History (since 5.1c6):

5.1.0 15-Oct-06

* Admin: Initial Installation procedure has changed: the inital postmaster
  password is set via the WebAdmin Interface.
* WebAdmin: the Separate WebAdmin Realms option is implemented. By default
  the WebAdmin Interface now uses one authentication realm.
* IMAP: if an 8-bit symbol is met in an e-mail address part, the FETCH
  ENVELOPE element now presents that part as a literal.
* MEDIA: the Source Port Restriction option is implemented.
* MEDIA: codec processing has changed (to support stateful codecs).
* WSSP: the FOREACHINC element is documented.
* WebAdmin: "in-line" (no iframe) Log Viewer Preference setting is
* CALLLEG: deadlocks are detected when both sides of a bridged call try
  to re-INVITE at the same time.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.1c4: unnecessary inter-cluster media relays could
  be built.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.0c2: PBX environment management had file transfer
* Bug Fix: DNR: 5.1c1: MX and SRV records with the same priority were
  processed incorrectly.
* Bug Fix: DNR: 5.1c6: PUBLISH for an unknown event package could crash
  the server.
* Bug Fix: XIMSS/XMPP: 5.1c5: IM receiving did not work.
======== Major Changes (since 5.0) =================
* All libraries have been modified to support IPv6 network addresses.
* All string-keyed dictionaries now use object-type keys.
* case-insensitivity comparison is implemented for the basic cyrillic and
  greek symbols.
* the XML parser has been redesigned.
* regular expression support is implemented.
* the TIS-620 alias for ISO-8859-11 is implemented.

* All components have been modified to support IPv6 network addresses.
* dying async objects now process pending event messages.

* Linux/s390x (64-bit) version is released.
* MacOSX: the startup scripts are moved from the /System/Library to
  the /Library directory.

* the Pronto! Flash-based interface is included.

* Initial Installation procedure has changed: the initial postmaster
  password is set via the WebAdmin Interface.
* the Telephone Number assignment ("Telnums") for Accounts is implemented.
* Debug IP Addresses settings (Network pages) are implemented.
* Lawful Intercept for Signals is implemented.

* the Open Showing Last option has been moved to Admin Preferences.
* record format changed: 3 digits for miliseconds, session/packet counters
  changed from 5 to 6 digits.
* the Keyed and RegEx options are implemented.
* sending Log records to remote syslog servers is implemented.

* WAN IPv6 Address setting is implemented.
* UDP Listeners support multiple sockets now.
* "resource records" in MX and SRV DNS responses are utilized to avoid
  additional A-type lookups and to support IPv6 DNS records.

* Signal: the authenticated/redirector information is passed between
  Cluster members.
* "nonce" distribution algorithm has been improved.
* the information about the packet target address is passed within the
  SIP Farm.
* GetWebFilesInfo operation is "clusterized".
* the "relay" SIP Farm option is implemented. Backend Servers now can
  relay their SIP requests via SIP Farm members.
* the MakeReady/MakeNonReady operations now work for the Active Controller
  and Frontend Servers.
* Temp Blacklisted addresses are automatically distributed to all Cluster
  members now.
* support for "stateful" UDP load balancers has been added.

* ENUM-search (RFC2916) is implemented.
* telephone number processing (the "telnum" domain) is implemented.
* now mailbox/application (name#) and detailing (+name) portions are
  preserved when Reroute Unknown settings are applied.

* MIME parser has been redesigned.
* search algorithm has been modified to support multi-charset message
  header search.
* RFC2231 language/charset tags are processed now.

* Multi-line WWW-Authenticate/Proxy-Authenticate header fields are
  supported now.
* DIGEST-MD5 authentication supports Impersonation now (the "authzid"

* the IP -> Domain mapping has been optimized (for systems with
  10,000+ domains).
* renameAccount and removeAccount operations now try to kill all active
  Account sessions first.

* the "synchronous" Enqueuer mode is implemented (messages rejected with
  Rules/Filters are rejected on the protocol level).
* the Sensitivity header field is processed (its private value sets the
  Hidden message flag).
* the Suppress Failed Delivery Reports option is added to the Reject
  functions on the Queue and Message Monitor page.

* The XMPP module is implemented.

* The XIMSS module is implemented.

* The BSDLog module is implemented.

* refresh requests are now sent 1/2 into the refresh interval.
* refresh requests are considered failed on 408 and 481 codes only.
* the uri-parameters (such as user=phone) are now recorded into the dialog
* on a 422 response, the INVITE request is resent with the returned Min-SE
* incoming application/dtmf INFO requests are supported now.
* Session Refresheners are implemented.

* the StartBridgedCall function is implemented (it is used to
  implement "transparent bridging" for B2BUA applications).
* now the StartBridge() operation can be used for pending incoming calls.
* the StartCall operation now supports the Expires parameter.
* now the "loop detector" suspends, but does not abort long-running
* the "CallID Block", "Call Divert" options are implemented.
* the 486 (Busy Here) error code can be used in the rejectCall() operation.
* sending DTMF via RTP (RFC2833) is implemented for both the direct and
  bridged modes.
* the TransferCall function is documented.
* SendDTMF() operation sends INFO-requests if the call is actually bridged.
* the Alternative Number and the Home PSTN Number settings are implemented.
* the "mailbox service" application now supports voicemail forwarding.

* the "Auth all outgoing INVITEs" option is implemented.
* the RTC (Windows Messenger) <-> Roster integration is implemented.
* Request URI parameters are preserved when a request is routed to a remote
* redirect responses for requests from local sources are processed
* non-dialog OPTIONS requests directed to applications are processed
* Microsoft "provisioning" event package is supported now.
* Discard Rules action is implemented.
* "collapse proxy" processing has been modified.
* media proxy management moved from the SIP component to the SIGNAL
* the Account-level (Account and Domain) Incoming Signal Rules are
* the "Real-Time settings" are depricated.
* simplified Rules are implemented.
* the Registered Contacts Limit is implemented.
* CDR Logs are stored inside the SystemLogs directory now.

* the "Send 100-Trying" options are implemented.
* CANCEL requests are postponed till the first provisioning response.
* symbolic "sent by" Via fields are supported now.
* the Media Proxy manager now supports the UPDATE operations.
* RFC3325 (P-Asserted-Identity) is implemented.
* the NOTIFY requests generated by the Server now include the Contact: field.
* Windows Messenger/RTC Directory search requests are supported now.
* NoSubMWI "Workaround" is implemented to support devices that fail to
  subscribe to MWI (including Cisco phones).
* the TimerB setting is implemented.
* now negative-ACK requests contain the same authentication fields as
  the failed INVITEs.
* PUBLISH requests w/o Expires: header field are accepted now.

* the time-based conditions in the Account-level Rules now use the Account
  time zone.
* the Time of Day condition now supports the "in" and "not in" operations.
* the Submit Address condition is now supported in Signal Rules, too.

* now the Access Right restrictions are applied to the "top" record, too.
* non-DN search operations have been optimized.
* search operations now support multi-value attributes.

* the BSD Mailbox "restore damaged counter" procedure is extended to index

* "chunked" responses are supported now.

* special processing for the displayName attribute is extended to the GE
  and LE operations.

* if an 8-bit symbol is met in an e-mail address part, the FETCH ENVELOPE
  element now presents that part as a literal.

* the version 1.2.3 of the MAPI Connector is included (Delegation support)

* the Reverse-Connect option now checks all available MX relays.

* the realTimeNode and Foundation elements have been added.

* codec processing has been changed (to support stateful codecs).
* the A/V socket TOS byte can be set now.
* virtual timing processing has been changed.
* the Source Port Restriction option is implemented.
* the sending addresses are built using "other side Media IP" whenever it
  is known.

* the FreeBusy file is now deleted automatically when the default Calendar
  mailbox is updated using any protocol/method.

* the StoreCDR procedure is implemented.
* the RADIUSCall operation is implemented.
* the STRING(ipAddressPort) function now encloses the IP address into
* the RejectBridge() procedure now has 2 parameters.
* ObjectToString and TextToObject function now use the #null# string to
  represent a null-value.
* FINDREGEX, TOUPPERCASE, TOLOWERCASE functions are implemented.
* the EMAILTOSIPURI function now uses the URI escape sequences.
* the APPENDSITEFILE function is implemented.
* the *SITEFILE functions can work with files stored in other Accounts.
* the IMPERSONATE function is documented.
* the ROUTEADDRESS, DIRECTORYSEARCH functions are implemented.
* the HTTPCALL function parameters are exteneded.
* the Preference management functions are implemented.
* MailboxRedirectByUID, MailboxForwardByUID functions are implemented.
* the ReadGroupMembers function can access Groups in other Domains.
* the RADIUSCall function now supports vendor-specific attributes.

* the optional RADIUSPassword Account setting is supported now.
* the Statistics elements are implemented.
* vendor-specific attributes are supported now.
* External Helper now gets all request attributes and an additional Password
  attribute containing the "shared secret" string.

* the Use WAN Address option is implemented.
* now Passive Mode transfers use ports from the TCP Port range specified
  in Network Settings.
* RFC2428 (IPv6 and NATs) is implemented.
* access to other Accounts Sites (via ~account@domain/ prefix) is
  supported now.

* the Statistics elements are implemented.
* access to Account Sites is done on behalf of the "tftpuser" Account now.

* the Real-Time Application Control operations are implemented.
* the GETTEMPCLIENTIPS and GETTEMPBLACKLISTEDIPS commands enclose reported
  IP addresses into brackets.
* SETACCOUNTPASSWORD now accepts the TO keyword again, though it is
  depricated (the PASSWORD key should be used).
* the SETTEMPBLACKLISTEDIPS command is implemented.
* the KILLACCOUNTSESSIONS command is implemented.
* the RENAMEFORWARDER command is implemented.
* the GETACCOUNTTELNUMS and SETACCOUNTTELNUMS commands are implemented.
* the REJECTQUEUEMESSAGE now supports the NONDN parameter.

* the WebAdmin Interface has been redesigned.
* the WebAdmin Interface has been switched to Skins. The WebAdmin
  application directory has been removed.
* the Separate WebAdmin Realms option is implemented. By default the
  WebAdmin Interface now uses one authentication realm.
* the Domain and Account management page is internationalized (the language
  setting is taken from the administrator preferences).
* now Custom Settings can be modified on the Account Defaults pages.
* Forwarder management has been modified (the "All Forwarders" page has
  been removed).
* the DNR settings have been moved to a separate Network Settings page.
* the Account administration pages have been rearranged.
* the Domain Object List now displays the number of registred Real-Time
  devices for each displayed Account.
* the Signal Info page (current Registrations, Roster, Packages) is
* the WebAdmin Layout (Skin selection) setting is implemented.
* requests to the server-specific pages in a Dynamic Cluster are
  redirected to the Cluster realm.

* the Language parameters are "cleaned" to disable URL-embedded scripts.
* the Call Log viewer is implemented.
* the Previous Login and the Last Failed Login information is available
  on the "hello" (Summary) page.
* the new "stock" Skin is implemented. The old "stock" skin is available as
  the "Classic" one.
* the Thai language support has been added.
* the Dial settings page has been implemented.

* the INCLUDE parameters are implemented.
* the ELIF element has been implemented.
* the YESNO, CURRENTTIME functions are implemented.
* the FORALL/FOREACH element can use both arrays and dictionaries now.
* the DAYTIMEMENU and related menus now use the "hourMinute" format element.
* now all string prefixes (HTML, JAVASCRIPT, etc.) support numeric data.
* the ^ (XOR) operation and the BOOLARRAY() function are implemented.
* the FOREACHINC element is documented.

* the current Server time can be inserted into generated reports.
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