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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro Web Mailer v.3.3b7a
CommuniGate Pro 3.2.x had a security routines bug that
allowed any Internet user to read any file on the
CommuniGate Pro Server if the file path was known.

The bug was fixed in 3.3b2 (April'2000)

Solution: upgrade to CommuniGate Pro 3.3

Workaround: if you cannot upgrade to CommuniGate Pro 3.3
immediately, then remove the WebGuide directory
from the CommuniGate Pro {application} directory.
The WebGuide directory contains a local copy of the
CommuniGate Pro Guide, and its removal does not have
any effect on the Server functionality.
The WebGuide directory will be restored when you
install the 3.3 version.

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