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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.0
Major Release (switching to the Stable branch)

The CommuniGate Pro 5.0 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued on or after the 1st of Oct, 2003 ==

Solaris - Sparc

Solaris - Intel

MS Windows - Intel

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux (static and dynamic) - Intel

Linux - x86_64

FreeBSD 4.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x - x86_64

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

History (since 5.0c7):
4.3 03-May-05
* Lawful Intercept: the Partial option now reports all message UIDs listed
  in WebUser "mailbox views".
* Bug Fix: Signal: 5.0c6: forking (including forking to a Group) could clear
  the "canRelay" Signal tag.
* Bug Fix: WebAdmin: 4.3: the Set S/MIME Certificate operation actually set
  the TLS Certificate.
* Bug Fix: SMTP: 4.3: rejecting recipients during heavy-load multi-channel
  single-host delivery could cause queue structure corruptions.

======== Major Changes (since 4.3) =================
* the MacOSX/Intel version is released.

* The CG/PL language has been implemented.
* SMTP, POP, PWD: now parsers accept addresses containing quoted space
* Listener: the Reserve for Clients option is implemented.
* Log: now the Log Manager does not create more than 1 file in one minute,
  even if the current log file has exceeded the size limit.

* The core SIP infrastructure supports the Dynamic Cluster environment now
  ("SIP Farm").

* The PBX Application environment has been implemented.

* New wildcard and Escape mechanisms are implemented.
* External Helper Routing is implemented.
* All-Local Router records are implemented.
* All-Domain Aliases can contain wildcards now.

* The signalling component has been re-implemented.
* Server-wide/cluster-wide Signal Rules are implemented.
* The CDR recording and CDR helpers are implemented.
* The Maximal Registration time period option is implemented.
* The "externsion part" of a MakeCall telephone number string is cut off
  when the number is converted into an URI.
* Calls to *NN addresses are routed back to the caller now ("Service" calls).
* The list of the latest incoming calls is stored in the "account info"

* The Execute action now supports the [ROUTE] prefix.
* The Mark operation can now set the Media message flag.
* The SendURL and SendIM actions are implemented.
* The Authenticated condition has been implemented.

* Domain Enabled Services settings can be "defaulted" now.
* The Login Method settings were moved from Obscure settings to
  Domain settings.

* Group Access rights are implemented.
* Mailbox formats have been modified to provide more flags per message.
* The "service" messages concept is implemented; "service" messages cannot
  be seen with IMAP/POP clients.
* The Media message flag is implemented.
* The total number of unread media messages in maintained.
* Changes in the total number of the unread media messages in INBOX
  mailboxes result in "message-summary" data publish operations
  (support for MWI phone indicators).

* The Certificate Authentication method is supported in all session-based
  protocols and in the WebUser Interface.
* The Request Client Certificate Domain Setting is implemented.
* The Certificate Authentication Account Setting is implemented.
* The built-in, Server-wide, Cluster-wide, and Domain-wide Trusted
  Certificates are implemented.
* Digest "cnonce" values containing ":" symbols are accepted now.
* The Partial Lawful Intercept option now reports all message UIDs listed
  in WebUser "mailbox views".

* The APPE command is implemented.

* The If-Modified-Since header field is supported now.

* The "Ignore objectCategory filters" option is implemented.
* The "displayName" attribute is generated on-the-fly if needed.

* The "listserver" command processor now accepts list names in the
  list@domain form.
* Size settings now support 64-bit values.

* Support for $Media and $Service message flags is implemented.

* The version 1.1.28 of the MAPI Connector is included.

* CANCEL processing has been changed to better support Microsoft packet
* Relaying from a far-end NAT to the same far-end NAT is detected and
  properly processed now.
* The module settings have been moved to 4 separated WebAdmin pages.
* Multiple Gateways are supported now.
* The Gateway Auth Name optional setting is implemented.
* The Workaround features have been implemented.
* Support for the MacOSX version of Microsoft Messenger is implemented.
* The Gateway "Substitute To" setting is implemented.
* The Gateway "Call Authenticate" setting is implemented.
* Record-Route field generation optimized and streamlined.
* The Relay restriction setting is implemented.
* The External Gateway names are separated from the Domain names now (to
  support multiple "gateway accounts" in the same gateway domain).

* The When Receiving Domain setting is implemented.
* Connections to the port 587 are not rejected when the Reserved for
  Clients connection limit is reached.
* The Reverse-Connection option is implemented.
* The Force AUTH option has been moved to the Domain Settings.
* The Verify Return-Path and HELO options are separated now.
* When using High Security for message sending, the remote server
  Certificate validity is verified.
* The maximum Keep Trying time has been increased to 3 months.

* Syntax element names changed from COUNTER to COUNTER64.

* The Media Channel (Media Server) component has been implemented.

* Tasks and events with zero durations are processed differently than
  items with unspecified durations.

* RFC2915 (NAPTR) is implemented.

* The Send Instant Message and Send URL Notification metods are implemented.

* The PBX Application Administration commands are implemented.
* The GETACCOUNTINFO command syntax is extended.
* The WebAdmin Interface management commands have been removed.
* The READSUBSCRIBERS command has been documented.

* The Domain & Account administration pages have been changed to use
  the WSSP interface.
* The PBX Applications editor is implemented.
* The RealTime Settings pages are implemented.
* The RealTime Account settings pages are implemented.
* The RealTime and SIP monitor pages are implemented.
* Inactive addresses (From, To, Cc, etc.) are displayed on the Queue
  Message Monitor pages now.
* The Advanced Real-Time settings can be used in Account Default settings.

* The DataSet Address Books settings are implemented.
* Support for audio message parts (MIME and UUEncode) is implemented.
* The XChange Skin has been added.
* New Contact items (vCard) are stored with a UID-based Message-ID
  header field.
* The Remove File(s) (remove message attachments) operation is implemented.
* Now Bcc addresses are stored with "sent message" copies.
* Calendar Recurrence editor now contains the End By control.
* Validity of Certificates in digitally signed messages is displayed.
* Now HTML attachments are not "cleaned" when they are copied to the
  personal File Site.
* The Hello.wssp page with account "summary" information has been implemented.
* Explicit login pages for WML and IMode devices are implemented.
* S/MIME export format has been modified to allow "Thunderbird/Firefox" to
  import exported keys without crashing.
* The "media" elements have been added to datasets generated with the
  generic Mailbox and Message components.

* The DUMP prefix is implemented (to simplify WSSP code debugging).
* The URLSUBST prefix is implemented.
* EOL symbols inside expressions are processed as "white spaces" now.

* The Rename operation is implemented in both WebUser and WebAdmin

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