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???????: [*] CommuniGate Pro 4.0.4 is released
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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro Web Mailer v.4.0.4
Minor Release:

The CommuniGate Pro 4.0.4 has been released:

Solaris - Sparc

Solaris - Intel

MS Windows 2000/NT/95/98/XP

Linux (ReadHat 6.x/7.x) - Intel

Linux (static) - Intel

FreeBSD 4.x - Intel

AIX - PowerPC


4.0.4 08-Jan-03
* HTTP: CGI: the HTTPS environment variable (with the value "on") is added if
  the connection is made via the SSL/TLS protcool.
* Directory: RDNs containing the quote mark and comma symbols are supported
  in Local Units now.
* WSSP: the HTMLUTF8: prefix is implemented.
* WebAdmin: now domain administrators can login using non-qualified aliases.
* MAPI: MAPI Connection v1.0.43 is released.
* Bug Fix: HTTP: CGI: if the port number was not specified in the URL coming
   via an HTTPS connection, the SERVER_PORT envir-element was set to "80"
  (instead of "443").
* Bug Fix: Skins: the "stock" Rules.wssp page did not contain the value "9"
  in the Rule Priority menu.
* Bug Fix: LIST: 4.0b-4.0.3: moderated subscriptions did not work (because
  the X-LIST-Report: header was added to pending requests).
* Bug Fix: Admin: 4.0.3: the Reject Queued Message function could crash the
  server if the message was enqueued into several queues.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: 4.0b2-4.0.3: viewing a letter with a zero-length
  text/plain part could crash the server.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: clicking Update on the Rules.wssp page removed rules
  with non-ASCII names if the page was not displayed in the UTF-8 charset.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: S/MIME: importing a PKS file w/o a signature could
  crash the server.
* Bug Fix: External Filter: the server reported its supported Interface
  version as "1", while it should be "2".

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