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???????: [*] CommuniGate Pro 4.0 is released
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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro Web Mailer v.4.0
Major Release:

The CommuniGate Pro 4.0 has been released:

Solaris - Sparc

Solaris - Intel

MS Windows 2000/NT/95/98/XP

Linux (ReadHat 6.x/7.x) - Intel

Linux (static) - Intel

Linux - PowerPC

Linux - MIPS

Linux - Sparc

Linux - StrongArm

Linux - S/390 (z/390)

FreeBSD 4.x - Intel

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

Tru64 - Alpha

AIX - PowerPC



BSDI - Intel

UnixWare - Intel


4.0 18-Oct-02
* CLI: the GETSUBSCRIBERINFO command is implemented.
* LDAP: binary data are supported now.
* LDAP: if the "Substitute with uid in conditions" option is enabled,
  the "equals to" search operation ignores the "@domain" part of the search
* Directory: Remote Units: binary data are supported now.
* Directory Integration: now the userCertificate attribute is automatically
  stored in the Directory (together with the RealName/cn attribute).
* CLUSTER: extremely large responses that cannot be read by a requesting
  cluster member are replaced with an error code on the serving member.
* TLS: a workaround for programs that incorrectly send TLS data in the
  block-cipher mode (such as Exim MTA) is implemented.
* EXTFILTER: the version 2 API is implemented: the ADDHEADER response code
  is supported now.
* WebMail: Secure MIME certificate and key page has been reimplemented and
* WebAdmin: the Show Aliases option is implemented.
* WebSites: now the default.html file is retrieved for all types of
  "directory links" (http://server/~user/dir1/dir2/).
* WebSkins: several new SESSION dataset elements have been added.
* WebSkins: the EmptyTrash HTTP parameter has been renamed into EmptyTrashNow;
  now it is processed for all session requests.
* WebSkins: default charset processing has been changed.
* WebSkins: .wssp pages for stateless requests can (and should) use the
  %%filesRef%% variable to form file reference URLs.
* WebUser: the "use Letter charset" option is implemented.
* WebUser: the Store Attachments (Files) function is implemented (the
  message.wssp page has been extended).
* Kernel: Ukranian KOI8-U charset is supported now.
* Statistics: the "Dynamic Cluster requests" SNMP elements have been added.
* WebAdmin: Directory: the Browser can display non-ASCII data now.
* WebAdmin: "disabled" RPOP periods are supported now.
* CLI: the LISTADMINDOMAINS command is implemented.
* MAPI: support for Outlook Rules has been added.
* Bug Fix: LIST: 4.0b9: digest generator did not calculate the collected
  message size correctly, and could include too few messages in each digest.
* Bug Fix: Domains: 4.0b7-b9: the Index.data file could fail processing
  the "removed" (tagged with "-") records.
* Bug Fix: Skins: 4.0b9 "message part" application codes incorrectly processed
  KILLWEBUSERSESSION CLI commands could fail in a cluster.
* Bug Fix: External Program parameters were parsed with a wrong parser
  (adjacent quoted strings were catenated).
* Bug Fix: S/MIME: signatures did not include all attributes required by some
* Bug Fix: S/MIME: some signatures could not be verified because of an
  incorrect buffering technique used.
* Bug Fix: S/MIME: signed and encrypted messages larger than 4K were composed
* Bug Fix: images downloaded from Personal WebSites via WebAdmin Interface
  could be damaged.
* Bug Fix: MAPI: Windows spooler could crash if the CommuniGate MAPI Connector
  was used.
* Bug Fix: MAPI: embedded/nested Calendaring messages were processed
* Bug Fix: MAPI: some composed headers were not MIME-encoded.
* Bug Fix: MAPI: drag-and-drop text-type attachments did not work correctly.
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