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???????: [*] SpamCatcher plugin 4.1 released
????: Thu, 27 Oct 2016 11:51:17 -0700
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MailShell SpamCatcher plugin version 4.1 has been released


Platforms available:
* Linux-x86
* Linux-x86_64
* Windows-x86
* Windows-x86_64
* FreeBSD-10 x86 (New)
* FreeBSD-10 x86_64 (New)

* Includes SpamCatcher Engine 8.0.5 with the following changes:
 Updated LiveFeed digest query logic for improved accuracy.
 Improved DKIM detection.
 Removed dependency of libiconv.
 Improved accuracy with updated TLDs.
 Assertion to check if OEMs are ignoring gateway IP correctly.
 Updated enable_direct_dns feature to bypass local DNS server and query Mailshell servers directly.
 Improved throughput in cases of slow DNS servers.
 Fixed a bug where only 5 KB of email headers were being scanned in the email. This may lead to email header heuristic rules not evaluating.
 Added support for EDNS which is used by applications such as DNSCrypt.
 Fixed a bug where merging of telemetry data files cause a large data file to be created.
 Added ability to process ideographic symbols in URLs and domains. This will help in catching spammers who use graphic symbols to hide real characters.
 Fixed a bug where SPF weights weren't being added properly when enable_realtime_spf was set.
 Fixed a bug where zip-bomb type email attachment was causing SDK to stall.
 Fixed a bug where merging stat files was resulting in a large file.
 Fixed a bug where certain old files in data directory was preventing SDK from initializing properly.
 Improved throughput for messages having multiple attachments.
 Improved throughput for messages using X-headers.

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