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New Platform Release:

The CommuniGate Pro for the QNX/Intel platform has been released:

QNX - Intel

Installation instructions:

* Make sure you are running QNX version 6.2 or better.
* Log in as a super-user (root).
* Download the CGatePro-QNX-platform-version.qpr package.
* Install the CommuniGate Pro package:
     cl-installer -i CGatePro-QNX-platform-version.qpr
  The CommuniGate Pro software will be installed in the /opt directory.
* If your system was running sendmail or any other SMTP server, stop that
  server and modify the OS start-up scripts so the system will not start that
  other SMTP server automatically.
* If your system was running POP, IMAP, or poppwd servers, remove the lines
  describing those servers from the /etc/inetd.conf file.
* The Installer adds a reference to the CommuniGate Pro startup script to the
  /etc/rc.local file, so the CommuniGate Pro Server is started automatically
  when the QNX system starts.
* The Installer creates the base directory /var/CommuniGate and the Server
  uses it by default. You can move the base directory to any other location.
  In this case, open the  start-up script file(/opt/CommuniGate/Startup.sh)
  and update it.
* Restart the system or launch the start-up script manually:
     /opt/CommuniGate/Startup.sh start
* Proceed with Initial Configuration.

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