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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v6.1c1
Major Release

The CommuniGate Pro 6.1c1 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued after the 1st of Nov, 2013 ==

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux - Intel (tarball)

Linux - x86_64

MS Windows - Intel

MS Windows - x86_64

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

Solaris - Intel

Solaris - Sparc

FreeBSD 9.x - Intel

FreeBSD 9.x - x86_64

FreeBSD 10.x - Intel

FreeBSD 10.x - x86_64

AIX - PowerPC


* Pronto: Pronto! HTML Version 6.1 is included. It is the default "Pronto" interface now.
* CALLLEG: the internal engine has been redesigned.
* PBXLEG: the module has been redesign to provide for correct offer/answer negotiations.
* WEBADMIN: the "Dash" Skin has been added.
* TLS: DTLSv1.0 (RFC4347) and DTLSv1.2 (RFC6347) are implemented .
* TLS: RFC5705 is implemented.
* TLS: the Oldest Accepted setting is implemented.
* Kernel: Email address header field composing has been improved.
* NETWORK: the Reusage Delay setting is implemented.
* NETWORK: DNR statistics elements are added.
* NETWORK: now the Debug IP functionality is applied to UDP-based protocols, too.
* SMTP: when a remote host accepts the ATRN command and sends messages back to the Server, these messages are processed as coming from a "trusted" (client IP) source.
* QUEUE: now Message envelopes store the authenticated sender's account name.
* QUEUE: the Reject All Sender's Messages WebAdmin command is implemented.
* CLI: the REJECTQUEUEMESSAGES command is implemented.
* CLI: the CREATEDOMAIN command is extended; the CREATESHAREDDOMAIN command is deprecated.
* DOMAINS: the Storage Mount Point directories are implemented.
* DOMAINS: the Require STARTTLS setting is implemented.
* ACCOUNTS: the Storage Mount Point directories are implemented.
* ACCOUNTS: the POP, IMAP, AirSync, XMPP, XIMSS, WebUser Session Limit settings are implemented.
* ACCOUNTS: the "verify" type records are added to the Login Logs.
* QUEUERULES: External Filter protocol version 4 is implemented.
* AIRSYNC: Notes synchronization is implemented.
* AIRSYNC: "partial" SYNC requests are supported now.
* AIRSYNC: attempts to submit duplicate Email messages are detected now.
* AIRSYNC: the Settings command implementation has been extended.
* LOCAL: INBOX opening is postponed till actual message delivery.
* SMTP: message queue names for "Hold" domains do not include the source domain names now.
* SMTP: the Require STARTTLS setting is implemented.
* SIGNAL: the AOR Limit and Fork Limit settings are implemented.
* SIGNAL: the downstream request (ACK) processing moved to asynchronous objects.
* SIGNAL: the DIALOG (Call) manager and proxy-building mechanisms are re-implemented.
* SIGNAL: the CDR records now use the tabulation (instead of the space) symbol as the field separator.
* XIMSS: the 'version' login parameter is implemented.
* XIMSS: the signaling (call management) operations have been re-designed, protocol has changed.
* XIMSS: the EmptyMailbox operation is implemented.
* XIMSS: the setSessionOption operation is implemented.
* XIMSS: the setTimeout operation is deprecated.
* XIMSS: WebRTC media support is implemented.
* XIMSS: PROFILE retrieval is implemented.
* CALLLEG: 422 error code processing has been improved.
* CALLLEG: the Advertise UPDATE and Send UPDATE settings are deprecated.
* DIRECTORY: the LDAP Unit Search Filter setting is implemented.
* SIP: downstream request and upstream response processing moved to SIPS and SIPC asynchronous objects.
* SIP: now a MediaProxy can be built for INVITE requests without an SDP body.
* SIP: the BadUPDATE workaround option is implemented.
* SIP: the Transport Settings page is implemented.
* RSIP, RPOP: "next record to process" selection algorithm has been improved.
* IMAP: RFC6154 has been implemented.
* GROUPWARE: Russian timezones are updated to reflect 2014 changes.
* PBXLEG: the "Reason" header field of provisioning responses is copied between egress and ingress legs of bridged calls.
* CLUSTER: the sent SMTP ATRN commands use the Cluster name now.
* CLUSTER: virtual mailbox updates are detected automatically now.
* WSSP: the RequestResource() function is implemented.
* WebApp: the GetHTTPResource() CG/PL function is implemented.
* WEBUSER: the "Crystal" Skin has been added.
* PBXApp: SignalOption() functionality has been extended.
* Foundation: the SDP XML representation now includes "info" elements.
* MEDIASERVER: RFC5763, RFC5764 (DTLS-SRTP) are implemented.
* MEDIASERVER: WebRTC media support is implemented.
* MEDIASERVER: inbound DTMF recognition now works for 8KHz, 16KHz, and 24KHz internal buffer sampling rates.
* MEDIASERVER: current audio level calculations have been improved.
* MEDIAPROXY: RFC5763, RFC5764 (DTLS-SRTP) are implemented.
* MEDIAPROXY: WebRTC media support is implemented.

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