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???????: [*] CommuniGate Pro 6.0.8 is released
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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v6.0.8
Minor/Bug fix Release

The CommuniGate Pro 6.0.8 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued after the 1st of Dec, 2011 ==

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux - Intel (tarball)

Linux - x86_64

MS Windows - Intel

MS Windows - x86_64

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

Solaris - Intel

Solaris - Sparc

FreeBSD 7.x - Intel

FreeBSD 7.x - x86_64

FreeBSD 8.x - Intel

FreeBSD 8.x - x86_64

AIX - PowerPC


* MAPI: the MAPI Connector version is included.
* Pronto: Pronto! Version 6.0.8 and Pronto Lite 2.1 are included.
* FileDAV: reading (GET/HEAD) the Account root directory returns an empty file instead of the 404 error (CyberDuck client compatibility).
* TLS: ciphers offered for outgoing connections have been reordered.
* TLS: the CA chain sent with the server certificate is processed now.
* CLI: the GETDNRSETTINGS, SETDNRSETTINGS commands are implemented.
* Kernel: additional filtering of composed XML data is implemented.
* XIMSS: the contactFind "fuzzy" search is improved, the returned data message attributes are extended.
* Triggers: sent IMs are pre-authorized using the postmaster Account.
* Bug Fix: AIRSYNC: 6.0.c2: "flagged" message flag was reported in pre-12.0 protocols, causing problems for old AirSync clients.
* Bug Fix: SMTP: 5.3c2: the SPF check procedure did not verify AAAA records of an MX if an A-record lookup was successful.
* Bug Fix: SMTP: 6.0c3: the reverse-connect procedure checked the highest MX relay only.
* Bug Fix: PBX: 5.2: the auto-attendant script would stop on unexpected INFO events.
* Bug Fix: WebMail: 6.0.7: the folder tree of a single INBOX might appear empty in Simplex and derived skins.
* Bug Fix: DAV: 6.0c1: the server could crash while searching the Directory.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 6.0c1: synchronization did not work in Cluster (virtual) mailboxes.
* Bug Fix: MAILBOX: 6.0c1: when a Sliced-type mailbox was deleted, its size was calculated incorrectly.
* Bug Fix: MEDIAPROXY: 6.0c1: proxy for "udptl" media streams were not built.
* Bug Fix: TLS: 5.4c1: secure re-negotiation could fail.
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