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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.3.3
Minor/Bug Fix Release

The CommuniGate Pro 5.3.3 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued after the 1st of Dec, 2008 ==

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux - Intel (tarball)

Linux - x86_64

Linux - PowerPC

MS Windows - Intel

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

Solaris - Intel

Solaris - Sparc

FreeBSD 6.x - Intel

FreeBSD 6.x - x86_64

FreeBSD 7.x - Intel

FreeBSD 7.x - x86_64

HP/UX - Itanium


5.3.3 25-Feb-2010

* WSSP: the JSON text element is implemented.
* Pronto: the Pronto version 3.3 is included.
* MAPI: the MAPI version is included.
* SPELLCHECK: UTF-8 "symbol" offsets are supported.
* ACCOUNT: when a File Storage folder is created, it gets a copy of the
  outer folder ACL.
* WEBUSER: FireFox "x-dns-prefetch-control" meta-tag is added to disable
  the spammers DNS-based "harvesting" techniques.
* MEDIA: DTMF processing now supports more devices incorrectly using 'new'
  and 'end' RFC2833 flags.
* MEDIA: NAT stream processing improved to support mixer peers behind the
  same NAT/Firewall.
* SIP: when an SDP element is received inside a multipart body, it is
  relayed together with other body parts (SIP-T support).
* HTTP: the Range request field is supported now.
* ACCOUNT: call dialogs initiated before a server restart or before a full
  cluster restart are auto-removed.
* CALENDAR: the "import" operation now ignores 'recurrence exception' items.
* Bug Fix: WebAdmin: 5.3.2: the Settings Signal page Update operation worked,
  but displayed the Incorrect Parameter Value error.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.2c1: XML SDP composing procedure did not use the
  "altAddress" attribute, causing media transfer problems for XIMSS clients.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.3c2: Calendar alarm time was updated incorrectly in
  virtual (inter-cluster) Mailboxes.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.3c2: inter-cluster file operations could incorrectly
  pass the authentication data.
* Bug Fix: PBXApp: 5.3c2: updating SDP in the "bridged" mode did not store
  the new SDP, resulting in incorrect "SDP has not been changed" situations.
* Bug Fix: CG/PL: 5.2c1: the SetCaseSensitive procedure worked incorrectly.
* Bug Fix: ADMIN: 5.3c1: the "Insert All" operation did not add Named Task
  records to the Central Directory.
* Bug Fix: ADMIN: 5.3c1: when an Account was deleted, its Named Tasks were
  not removed.
* Bug Fix: AIRSYNC: 5.2: when the Sent Mailbox preference was set to an
  empty string, no message could be submitted.
* Bug Fix: DIRECTORY: 3.0: Local Unit modification records longer than 32K
  could not be read.
* Bug Fix: DIRECTORY: 5.3c2: the Local Unit Schema missed some attributes.
* Bug Fix: XMPP: 5.2.5: when a message request contains two "body" elements,
  none could reach the destination.
* Bug Fix: XIMSS: 5.2c1: the directory name in file operation responses could
  be sent without XML string escape symbols.
* Bug Fix: SIP: 5.3c1: in-dialog requests with "gr" (gruu) URI parameter
  were rejected.
* Bug Fix: STATISTICS: 5.3c3: "failedAUTHs" and "successfulAUTHs" element
  values were calculated incorrectly.
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