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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.3.1
Minor/Bug Fix Release

The CommuniGate Pro 5.3.1 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued after the 1st of Dec, 2008 ==

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux - Intel (tarball)

Linux - x86_64

MS Windows - Intel

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

Solaris - Intel

Solaris - Sparc

FreeBSD 6.x - Intel

FreeBSD 6.x - x86_64

FreeBSD 7.x - Intel

FreeBSD 7.x - x86_64

OpenBSD - Intel

UnixWare - Intel


5.3.1 12-Jan-2010
* Kernel: if a MIME part does not have Content-Type specified, the
  Content-Type is set using the MIME part file name suffix (if it exists).
* HTTP: access to private directories requires authentication only if
  non-authenticated (guest) access was denied.
* WebUser: the Chatroom Log viewer is implemented.
* WebUser: the Contact Editor now supports the Yomi Company Name and the
  Yomi Name fields.
* CalDAV: the "DropBox" functionality is supported now.
* CalDAV: the "VAVAILABILITY" requests are supported now.
* Chatrooms: semi-anonymous rooms implemented, iq relaying is implemented.
* MAILBOX: the mailbox seqNum is assigned automatically, if absent, whenever
  the mailbox meta-data is read.
* MEDIAPROXY: now separate counter are used to generate media legs SDES
  PING packets.
* Bug Fix: SIGNAL: 4.3c1: minimum and maximum REGISTER period limits were
  not applied to the "expires" Contact parameters.
* Bug Fix: CHRONOS: 5.3c2: the services was starting too late, and RPOP
  records converted from the old RPOP Domain settings were not scheduled.
* Bug Fix: MAILBOX: 5.3.0: large messages (> 3MB) could not be copied.
* Bug Fix: MAILBOX: 5.3c1: mailbox Seq info-element was checked incorrectly,
  resulting in repeated "seq restoring" attempts for some mailboxes.
* Bug Fix: RPOP: 5.3.0: failed connections caused extremely long delays (till
  the year 2050).
* Bug Fix: CalDAV: 5.3c4: the Apple iCAL client broke when listing calendars,
  if one of them did not have the 'color' attribute set.
* Bug Fix: CALENDAR: 5.3c1: incorrect "next recurrence" calculations could
  cause notification loops.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: 5.3.1: Contact Groups did not work in Address Books.
* Bug Fix: CG/PL: 5.1c1: the DateByYearDay function returned a result for
  a previous year.
* Bug Fix: CG/PL: 5.3c1: the MailboxOrigUIDByUID function returned an
  incorrect result.

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