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Major Release

The CommuniGate Pro 5.3.0 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued after the 1st of Dec, 2008 ==

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux - Intel (tarball)

Linux - x86_64

Linux - Itanium

Linux - PowerPC

Linux - Sparc

MS Windows - Intel

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

Solaris - Intel

Solaris - Sparc

FreeBSD 6.x - Intel

FreeBSD 6.x - x86_64

FreeBSD 7.x - Intel

FreeBSD 7.x - x86_64

HP/UX - Itanium

AIX - PowerPC

NetBSD - Intel


=============== Changes since 5.2.x ===================
* XML objects are re-implemented to improve performance and namespace
* UTF8 case-converting utilities process more roman, greek, and cyrillic
  symbols now.

* Chronos "daemon processing" is implemented.
* RFC3676 is implemented.
* Punycode (RFC3492) is implemented.
* when storing multi-line "object" (dictionary, array) data, data elements
  can be split to avoid creating very long text lines.

* Windows: IPv6 support is implemented (Windows Vista or newer is required).

* the Pronto version 3.0 is included.

* synchronisation logic has been changed to use the new "permanent UIDs"
  Mailbox feature.
* if an updated vCard object is equal to the existing one, the existing one
  is kept.
* the Directory search operations use the user domain DN as the search base.
* additional provisioning attributes are supported now.

* the getcontenttype property is supported now (Lightning compatibility).

* the "Deleted Mail" Intercept option implemented, the Intercept report
  message format changed.
* if an administration operation is performed by an administrator of a
  secondary domain, the full account name is recorded.

* the Supplementary Logs are documented.

* the Balance Server Load and Use Supplementary Responses options are

* the RPOP Client setting is implemented to allow the RPOP sessions to take
  place on selected servers only (usually - on frontends).
* improved processing of the "Auto" value for the SIP Farm, Queue Submit,
  HTTP Client, POP Client settings.
* the Controller now always reads the Heartbeat file and quits if some other
  server rewrites it.
* SIGNAL processing can be delegated to certain cluster members (frontends)

* the Archive Messages after and Delete Messages after settings are
* File Storage file attributes are implemented.
* when calculating number and total size of storage files, the ".meta" files
  are ignored now.
* File Storage ACLs are implemented.
* File Storage Subscription is implemented.
* Named Tasks are implemented.
* the File Storage "pubcal" virtual directory is implemented.
* international (non-ASCII) Domain Alias names can be used now.
* the null@null identifier is implemented to grant access to unauthentcated
  users (guests).
* the Log Login/Logout setting is implemented.
* the Login log records are not created if the login operation is rejected
  because of a disabled service.
* the legacy "Netscape roaming" storage is deprecated. The /settings/
  requests are now directed to the private/roaming/ File Storage directory.
* now the External Authenticator is consulted when an unknown object is met
  in non-routing operations, too.
* the Fast Storage Type Domain setting is implemented.
* the local delivery/sending Flow Control setting have been moved to Account
* the Failed Login Limit setting have been moved to Account settings.
* Kerberos and TLS Certificate authentication methods now process the
  supplied usernames with the Router (eased security limitation).
* Call Logs are now stored in GMT terms.
* when creating new objects, reserved names (such is NULL, ERROR, ALL, etc.)
  are rejected now.
* new Domain and Account statistics elements have been added.

* "permanent UIDs" are implemented.
* Message Attributes are implemented.

* support for IDN (international domains) is added to most E-mail modules
  and components.
* the Log Message Delivery setting is documented.
* the X-Auto-Response-Suppress header field does not mark a message as

* the Click-to-Call functionality re-implemented using a CG/PL
  "clicktocall.sppr" task, and it became available in a Cluster environment.

* now type-02 CDR records are not generated for "retriable" errors.
* requests directed (routed) to the NULL-address are completed immediately,
  returning the "OK" code.

* INVITE-replaces for a REFERed INVITE are supported now (blind-transferred
  called being picked up).

* the Inband DTMF Signal/Noise Ratio setting is implemented.
* variable-frequency wave buffers are implemented (can be used with wideband
* the upsampling and downsampling algorithms are improved.
* the SDP XML presentation includes arbitrary attributes now.

* the "publish" operations preserve the original ("permanent") UID.

* the X-FirstName and X-LastName fields are added to VCard message items.

* more built-in "trusted" certificates are added.

* outgoing SSL/TLS connections now use the Main Domain SSL/TLS Certificate
  if the remote server requests a certificate.
* client certificate verification is now supported for the old SSL (TLS v0)
  protocol, too.
* the Accept SSLv2 connections and Process Target Domain extensions TLS
  options are implemented.

* WebDAV access to Account File Storage is implemented.
* RFC4709 is implemented.

* the HTTP Client interface is documented, CG/PL and XIMSS documentation
  for the HTTP Call operations is updated.
* the supplFields request element is implemented.
* the connection time out is set now (to the same value as the transaction
* POST requests now support the x-www-form-urlencoded format.
* the HTTP Client Manager settings have been added to the Others page of
  the WebAdmin Interface.
* the dictionary-type "simple values" for POST fields are supported now.
* the 1xx server responses are supported now.

* The SIP Gateways manager is depricated and it is prepared for removal.
* the GRUU (RFC draft) functionality is implemented.
* the Record-Route comparison routine is improved.
* an "edge proxy" now supports calls from a far-end NAT'ed client calling a
  near-end NAT'ed client via the same server.

* the Remote SIP component is implemented (see the Signal PSTN section of
  the details).

* the APPEND extensions are documented.

* the file write operations are supported now.

* the RBL "TXT" records are supported now.

* the PROP component redesigned using the Chronos component. The RPOP record
  settings are moved from Domain to Account level.
* the Mailbox setting is implemented to support direct delivery of retrieved

* symbol combinations (macro) can specify fixed-length numbers now.
* addresses copied with the Copy as Cc option are enclosed into the angle
  brackets now.

* PWD, AIRSYNC statistics elements are implemented.
* The Statistics Log (storing all Statistic Elements data periodically) is
* larger threshold values can be specified now.

* the module is re-implemented.
* multiparty chat (XEP-0045) is implemented. See the Named Tasks section.
* vcard-temp (XEP-0054) is implemented.
* XMPP Ping (XEP-0199) is implemented.
* output channel statistic elements have been implemented.
* the XMPPS and XMPPI System Log tags are swapped (XMPPS is used for client
  sessions now).

* the "extended match" operation is supported.
* the Router Subtree feature is implemented.

* the "Pronto" section has been added to the Account Preference page.
* additional Local Account Manager settings are implemented.

* the Kazakh language has been added.
* the ';' symbol is accepted as a To/Cc/Bcc address list separator.
* the Billing and Mobile Manager pages are implemented.
* the Personal Info (vCard Profile) editor page is implemented.
* the "Classic" skin is retired.
* the Attach Profile vCard message composer option is implemented.
* the RSIP Signal settings page is implemented.

* the retrieveURL operation is renamed into httpCall (the old name is
  still available).
* the httpCall "field" elements can contain non-string data now.
* the reqSeq parameter is documented.
* the listUploaded operation is implemented.
* the newUploaded data message is implemented.
* the makeCall function now completes immediately, the Click-to-Call status
  reports come as asynchronous data messages now.
* the fileAttr[Read|Write], fileSub[List|Update] operations are implemented,
  the timeAttrModified attribute is added to the fileInfo data messages.
* the file[Read|Write] type attribute with "vcard" value is supported now.
* the iqSend/iqRead operations are implemented.
* the sendIM/readIM attributes are extended.
* the messageAttr[Read|Write] operations are implemented
* the datasetRemove operation can process foreign datasets now.
* when reading messages, the parts with "attachment" disposition are not
  included into message XML.
* the messageAdded message can be sent in response to messageAppend and
  messageCopy requests.
* the messageSubmit operation now copies the "Bcc" field data into the saved
* */xml and */*+xml message parts are supported now.
* the rsipList operation is implemented.

* the GETSNMPELEMENT operation renamed into GETSTATELEMENT, its result format
  is changed to Number.
* the *WEBFILE* operations are renamed into *STORAGFILE* operations.
* the [READ|UPDATE]STORAGEFILEATTR operations are implemented.
* the [GET|SET]ACCOUNTSUBSCRIPTION commands are renamed into
* the [GET|SET]FILESUBSCRIPTION commands are implemented.
* the *NAMEDTASK commands are implemented.
* the [GET|SET]ACCOUNTRPOP commands are removed. The [GET|SET]ACCOUNTRPOPS
   commands are implemented.
* the [GET|SET]ACCOUNTRSIPS commands are implemented.

* the INCLUDE elements now accepts an expression as a filename.
* the JAVASCRIPT: text element now escapes the < symbols (a workaround for
  browser bugs).

* the "for-loop" operator is implemented.
* qualified external code names (moduleName::codeName) are implemented.
* the builtin FUNCCALL function and the PROCCALL procedure are implemented.
* the UPDATESTATISTICS procedure is implemented.
* the RADIUSCall function parameters are extended.
  COPYMAILBOX and MAILBOXSETFLAGS (old names are preserved), function
  parameters are extended.
  are renamed into
* the [READ|WRITE]STORAGEFILEATTR functions are implemented.
* the [GET|UPDATE]MESSAGEATTR functions are implemented.
* the LISTSITEFILES function result is changed (the elements are always
  dictionaries, the MetaModified timestamps are added).
* the SENDINSTANTMESSAGE function is extended, the SENDXMPPIQ function is
* the READENVIRFILE function is documented.
* the MAILBOX[ORIGUIDBYUID|UIDBYORIGUID] functions are implemented.
* the comparison operations can be applied to strings and datablocks.
* the MAILBOXCOPY function parameters are extended.

* the SETLOCALCONTACTPARAMETER procedure is implemented.
* the Alert-Info SETCALLPARAMETERS dictionary element is supported now.
* the SETINTERRUPTONDTMF function now controls DTMF interrupts for both
  audio playing and audio recording operations.
* Instant Message and XMPP IQ receiving, the ISINSTANTMESSAGEEVENT and
  ISXMPPIQEVENT functions are implemented.
* the DisconnectEx procedure is implemented.

================ changes since 5.3c4 ====================
*  Pronto: the Pronto version 3.0 is included.
* MEDIA: the upsampling and downsampling algorithms are improved.
* AIRSYNC: additional provisioning attributes are supported now.
* CALDAV: the getcontenttype property is supported now (Lightning
* HTTP: RFC4709 is implemented.
* XIMSS: the datasetRemove operation can process foreign datasets now.
* WSSP: the JAVASCRIPT: text element now escapes the < symbols (a workaround
  for browser bugs).
* MAILBOX: message attributes are copied with the message.
* CLUSTER: improved processing of the "Auto" value for the SIP Farm, Queue
  Submit, HTTP Client, POP Client settings.
* CLUSTER: message attributes are supported in virtual mailboxes now.
* CLUSTER: SIGNAL processing can be partially delegated to certain cluster
  members (frontends) now.
* GROUPWARE: the X-FirstName and X-LastName fields are added to VCard message
* PBXApp: the DisconnectEx procedure is implemented.
* CG/PL: the MAILBOXCOPY function parameters are extended.
* XIMSS: the messageAdded message can be sent in response to messageAppend
  and messageCopy requests.
* MAILLIST: symbol combinations (macro) can specify fixed-length numbers now.
* Bug Fix: Kernel: 5.3c1: some operations incorrectly checked Domain-level
  Access Rights.
* Bug Fix: SIP: 5.3c3: the Replaces header was processed incorrectly.
* Bug Fix: Calendar: 5.3c1: some monthly and yearly recurrence calculations
  were performed incorrectly.
* Bug Fix: DOMAIN: 5.3c1: INBOX-only accounts did not work.
* Bug Fix: AIRSYNC: 5.3c3: directory search did not compose the 'mail'
  attribute if it was absent.
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