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???????: [*] McAfee plugin 4.0 is released
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McAfee anti-virus plugin version 4.0 has been released.


Platforms available:
* Solaris-Sparc
* Solaris10-x86 (New!!!)
* Linux-x86
* Linux-x86_64
* FreeBSD 6.2+ x86
* Windows-x86
* AIX-PowerPC
* MacOSX-UB (Intel+PowerPC)

Changes from version 3.9:
* includes McAfee Engine 5.3.00
* data of daily reports are preserved between restarts

The new features of McAfee Engine 5.3.00:

-   Support for Office Version 12 : Providing
    enhanced support of detection and repair for
    Office 12 documents as well as improved .ZIP
    file support.

-   Reduced memory usage : We've looked at malware
    trends and have delivered significantly lower memory
    usage across all platforms when compared to previous
    McAfee Anti-Virus Engines.

-   More protection : Automatic identification and
    removal of viruses delivering the next generation
    of best-of-breed Anti-Virus Engines.
    It offers improved protection against existing,
    new and potential threats and increases the depth
    and breadth of the protection we provide.

-   It's faster than before : We've listened to our
    customers who asked for a faster Engine and it
    delivers superior performance to current McAfee
    Anti-Virus products on all supported platforms.

-   Support for many more packed-executable formats
    in which known malware is often re-packaged
    for obfuscation purposes.


The Anti-Virus Engine in this package has the
following powerful features:

-  Scanning of a single file, directory or drive.

-  Easy upgrading to new anti-virus technology.

-  Detecting viruses in boot/partition sectors.

-  Detecting and removing viruses from executable
   files and Microsoft Office files.

-  Detection of binary viruses and macro viruses
   embedded in DOC, XLS, PPT and OLE files.

-  PolyScan Decryption Engine [PSDE] for detection
   and removal of polymorphic viruses in files.

-  Generic detection and cleaning of over 50% of
   new, unknown binary viruses.

-  Generic detection and cleaning of over 80% of
   new, unknown macro and script viruses.

-  In-memory de-compression of compressed and
   archived files including ARC, ARJ, CAB,
   Cryptcom Diet, GZIP, Ice, LHA/LZH, LZEXE,
   Microsoft compression, PKLite, RAR, TAR,
   TeleDisk, WinZip, and ZIP.


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