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X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.2.0
Major Release (switching to the Stable branch)

The CommuniGate Pro 5.2 has been released:

== Valid Core License Keys: issued after the 1st of Jan, 2007 ==

Solaris - Sparc

Solaris - Intel

MS Windows - Intel

Linux (rpm-based) - Intel

Linux (static and dynamic) - Intel

Linux - x86_64

Linux - Itanium

Linux - Sparc

FreeBSD 5.x - Intel

FreeBSD 6.x - Intel

FreeBSD 5.x/6.x - x86_64

MacOS X (Darwin) - PowerPC

MacOS X (Darwin) - Intel

AIX - PowerPC

History (since 5.2c4):

5.2.0 31-Jan-2008

* Pronto: the Pronto version 1.5 is included.
* MAPI: the MAPI Connector version 1.51.15 is included.
* CALENDAR: non-standard VALERT iCalendar elements are stored and restored
* SIP: when sending responses, only the "Via" port number is used to compose
  an "alternative" response destination.
* PBX: the "makeCall" (Click-to-call) function now uses the
  ClickToCall@domain.invalid From address.
* SIGNAL: improved processing for race conditions on multiple 200-INVITE
* SIGNAL: RFC4235 (dialog package) is implemented.
* XIMSS: the startCallInfo operation and callInfo data message are
* XMPP: Gtalk-compatible iq-delivery is implemented.
* Utils: mailbox renaming options have been added to the MoveIMAPMail
* CLUSTER: Subject Prefix is preserved during inter-cluster message delivery.
* Bug Fix: AIRSYNC: 52c4: items "changed" on the mobile device could disappear
  from the mobile device after being updated on the server.
* Bug Fix: CLUSTER: 5.2c3: POP3 inter-cluster logins did not work.
* Bug Fix: XIMSS: 5.2c2: the INTERNALDATE and date-type fields retrieved
  with the folderBrowse/folderSync commands used an invalid XML syntax.
* Bug Fix: WebUser: 5.2c2: a modified Contact "File As" field was not updated
  in the VCard body.
* Bug Fix: QUEUE: 5.2c1: messages submitted asynchronously could be rejected
  when a Plugin scanning limit was exceeded.
* Bug Fix: ROSTER: 5.2c2: creating new Roster groups could damage Roster

======== Major Changes (since 5.1) =================

 All ROUTER records are "NORELAY" by default now.

* now XML parser supports complex DOCTYPEs, non-UTF-8 charsets, and processes
  ENTITY data.
* the SHA256 digest algorithm is implemented.

* Lawful Intercept is processed for impersonating and Signal operations.

* Linux /sbin/chkconfig is used to create symlinks for startup scripts.

* the Pronto version 1.5 is included.

* the MAPI Connector version 1.51.15 is included.

* the Windows Mobile Email/Calendaring/Contacts "ActiveSync" synchronization
  protocol is implemented.

* the basic CalDAV (RFC4791) functionality implemented.

Parlay X
* the "Third Party Call Control" and "Call Handling" interfaces are
* the "Call Notification", "Payment", and "Account Management" interfaces
  are implemented.

* the Account Type Licensing concept is implemented.
* the Class of Service mechanism is implemented for Account Settings.
* the AirSync Service setting is implemented.
* the Temp Blocked Addresses setting is moved from the SMTP Settings to
  Network->Blacklisted Settings.
* the Alt RADIUS Password and Alt SIP Password Account settings become
  standard ones.
* the Client IP Addresses Domain-level settings are implemented.
* the CanControlCluster Monitor admin right is implemented.
* the Denied IP Addresses setting is implemented.
* the --CanUseSystemPorts Command Line Option is implemented.
* the --SIPUDPSendBuffer, --SIPUDPReceiveBuffer, --DNRUDPSendBuffer,
  and --DNRUDPReceiveBuffer command line options are documented.
* the CanControlCalls Domain Admin right is implemented.
* the HTTP Service setting is implemented.
* the CallLogs Account setting is implemented.
* .settings file uploaded to PBX environment are checked to be valid
* the CanDeleteLogs and CanViewMessages Monitor Access rights are

* additional macro-symbols are implemented.
* the Current Date condition can be used to compare dates only
  (without time).

* the caching settings are implemented.
* SRV-operation caching is implemented.
* now "Dummy IP" addresses are detected in SRV/MX request responses, too.

* object management connections are closed on I/O error only.
* Subject Prefix is preserved during inter-cluster message delivery.

* all records are "NORELAY" by default now.

* the "WEBUSER" authentication method has been renamed into the "SESSIONID"
* RFC3279 implemented ("NULL" Algorithm Identifier parameter processing).
* the "READPLAIN" EXTAUTH command has been implemented.

* the Client Certificate "Required" option is implemented.

* the Account-level ACLs (Access Control Lists) are implemented: call
  control, delegation, mailbox creation.
* the MessagesSent, CallsSent, CallsReceived, and Logins statistical
  elements are added.
* the ExternalOnProvision setting is implemented. The External AUTH protocol
  is extended.

* the Synchronization snapshots are implemented.
* Junk mailbox and its Preference settings are implemented.
* Special Names ($Sent$, $Drafts$, etc.) are implemented.

* the Vacation Rule can have the "EndDate" setting.
* simplified Junk Mail rules are implemented.
* the Human Generated condition now checks the "automated" header fields
  added with the AddHeader operations.
* the Accept Request action parameter can specify non-default Calendar
  mailbox. This action can be used in Server-wide Rules now.

* the Min, Max, ExecuteCLI, Base64Encode, Base64Decode, SetApplicationStatus,
  SetCaseSensitive, RouteENUM procedures are implemented.
* now the Queue and Meeting operations can work with other Accounts.
* the "method" syntax for function and procedure calls is implemented.
* the binary assignment operators ( +=, -=, etc.) are implemented.
* the spawn expression now can contain a Task startup parameter.
* the COPY, ADDELEMENT, THISTASK functions are implemented.
* the SubmitEMail, OpenMailboxView, SubscribeEvents, Sync,
  IsMailboxNotifyEvent, MailboxAppend functions are implemented.
* the Message Handle functions are implemented.
* the XML functions are implemented.
* the SortString procedure is implemented.

* the StartCall function now supports the P-CGP-Local parameter.

* incoming call pick up (intercept) is implemented.
* the "makeCall" (Click-to-call) function now uses the
  ClickToCall@domain.invalid From address.
* now all SDP generated for a leg have the same SessionID.
* B2BUA early media (ringback) relaying is supported in the "connected" mode.
* the AttachMixer function can be used in the disconnected state.
* the SetProvisionCode, SendCallOptions, PendingRequestExData,
  SetPlayPosition, GetPlayPosition functions are implemented.

* Dialog objects are implemented.
* new "Call" CDR records can be generated now.
* automatic protocol (SIP/XMPP) selection is implemented.
* call logs in the Account File Storage now include the call alerting time,
  call duration, and call termination reason.
* the HoldMusic preference is implemented.
* external Event interface is implemented.
* improved processing for race conditions on multiple 200-INVITE responses.
* RFC4235 (dialog package) is implemented.

* RequestURI Rule condition is implemented.
* the "Ringback" simplified Rule is implemented.

* inband DTMF detection is implemented.
* "play position" operations are implemented.

* recurrence "until" processing has been improved.
* non-standard VALERT iCalendar elements are stored and restored now.
* iCalendar parsing changed to support post-defined VTIMEZONEs.

* the TOS Tag option moved from the Receiving to the Sending WebAdmin page.
* RFC4244 implemented.
* when sending responses, only the "Via" port number is used to compose
  an "alternative" response destination.
* new mechanisms have been added to detect non-trivial packet loops.

* large Personal File Storage files are now downloaded in chunks, the
  download file size limit is removed.

* automatic redirection is implemented for GET requests.

* the Send 'Running' option is implemented.
* RFC4466 (extensions), RFC4731 (ESEARCH), RFC4959 (SASL Initial Client
  Response) are implemented.

* reverse-check mechanism checks for loop-back DNS records now.
* additional statistics elements have been implemented.

* recipient addresses are preserved during inter-cluster delivery.

* the Trap Protocol version setting is implemented.
* MIB elements renamed (they start with lowercase letters) to confirm to
  SNMP naming recommendations.

* the server-to-server protocol implemented. XMPP settings moved to the
  Real-Time section.
* instant message delivery failure is reported back to the client now.
* Gtalk-compatible iq-delivery is implemented.

* HTTP binding is implemented.
* the fileDirCreate,fileDirRename,fileDirRemove, skinFileRead, skinFileList
  commands are documented.
* the S/MIME functions are implemented.
* the taskStart function is implemented.
* now the alert service messages have gmtTime and localTime attributes.
* vCardGroup support is implemented.
* publicInfo functions are implemented.
* the retrieveURL operation is implemented.
* the sessionID authentication is implemented for the "ximsslogin" realm.
* message/rfc822-type attachments are sent without encoding now.
* instant message delivery failure is reported back to the client now.
* the startCallInfo operation and callInfo data message are implemented.

Mailing Lists
* feed-mode header/trailers are not inserted into vCard and iCalendar text

* the CREATEMAILBOX command can have the CLASS parameter.
* the FindForwarders command is implemented.
* the *WEBUSER* commands are renamed into *PREFS* commands.
  The UPDATEACCOUNTPREFS command is documented.
* the SETACCOUNTTYPE, GETMESSAGEQUEUEINFO commands are implemented.
  commands are implemented.

* the Refresh Self-Signed button has been added to the TLS and S/MIME Domain
  Admin pages.
* Last Failed login information is displayed on the Account settings page.
  The Clear Failed Logins operation is implemented.
* Account rename operation now can move Accounts between Domains.
* the Telnum List page is implemented.
* the secondary logs browser is implemented.
* the Queue Message browser can show Message contents now.

* vCard PHOTO elements are displayed inline and can be modified now.
* Call Control settings pages now can upload and remove custom Music-on-Hold
  and RingBack files.
* the Finnish language has been added.

* CG/PL Web Applications are supported now.

* the LENGTH prefix is implemented.

* non-blocking connection opening with a short (3 seconds) time-out is used.

* mailbox renaming options have been added to the MoveIMAPMail utility.
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